If you are planning any type of group trip, it could be with friends, coworkers for a conference, transportation for guests at a wedding, a school field trip, sporting event, senior or church outing, or a well needed retreat, deciding on the best way to get there isn’t always easy. It is an important decision, setting the tone for the entire trip. That’s why so many people in your same situation are choosing a charter a bus. 

Top Benefits For Chartering A Bus 

Holiday Coach Lines Bus Driver#1 Less Stress

Traveling by yourself is stressful, just imagine this multiplied by 20 to 50 more people! When everyone is traveling together on a charter bus, there is no need to worry about anyone missing a flight or finding transportation to your final destination. 

If everyone is driving their own vehicles, there is always the chance of getting lost and being delayed in traffic.

#2 Environmentally Friendly 

Reducing our carbon footprint is on everyone’s mind. Environmentally friendly may not be what you think of when considering a charter bus. But the fact is, a charter bus is one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation.  

Airplanes average 44 passenger miles per gallon, a car about 27 passenger miles per gallon, and a charter bus averages 206 passenger miles per gallon. Charter buses are definitely the way to go! 

#3 Professional Driver 

The charter bus drivers at Holiday Coach Lines are professionally trained, with a proven track record for reliability and safety.  They will partner with you to figure out the best route to your destination.

#4 Sit Back and Relax

While someone else is taking care of the driving, you have the time to do whatever you want. Spending quality time with family and friends, gearing up for the big game or conference, relax and watch a movie or even take a nap.

Take The Stress Out Of Group Transportation By Contacting Holiday Coach Lines

We give you the peace of mind that all your transportation needs will be taken care of, with the best comfort and value and everyone arrives safely at their destination while having fun and making great memories!