Charting a Bus/Motor Coach in Florida is Easy & Affordable Transportation

February 12th, 2019

What is the best form of transportation for a group of people? A charter bus or motor coach service!  Whether it is a corporate outing, school trip, sporting event, senior adventure, wedding, or a myriad of other types of group activities, a charter bus is the best way to get there! 

A successful group event requires lots of details, venue, food, entertainment, and transportation. 

Keys to planning a successful event

Location and transportation:  Where will the event take place and how will everyone get there. Many venues, hotels, and charter buses book up early, so try and book in advance. 

Food and beverage: Depending on how far you are going, you may need to plan where you are stopping to eat or will you bring snacks and drinks on board the bus. 

Exercise breaks: Staying mobile is very important even for short trips. Stop to stretch, some hotels offer gyms and yoga classes. 

Set up a mobile app: This way everyone can keep track of activities and events, while interacting with other participants. 

Team building: Promoting special activities, team events, and build camaraderie are becoming very popular in corporations.

Green factors: Beside taking one of the greenest forms of transportation, a charter bus, other options can include reducing bottle water and printed materials. 

Entertainment: Make your event memorable, from fun games, pictures on social media, museums, and cultural events. 

At Holiday Coach Lines we have several different size buses, perfect for any size group. There are many details that go into planning an event, you don’t need to worry about driving, directions, traffic, parking, or how everyone will get from one place to another. Just give Holiday Coach Lines a call for a free quote.

Charter buses are the greenest and safest forms of transportation. So, sit back and enjoy the convenience of a professional driver, everyone travels together and arrives at the same time.

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