Whether you live in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville or anywhere else in Florida or Georgia, it’s a great time to get everyone together and take a bus trip. Whether the bus you’re thinking about renting is a charter bus, Motor Coach or party bus, there are a few questions you should ask before getting on board.

Ask about insurance and licensing:

It’s in the best interest of your group to inquire about insurance and licensing. Unfortunately, there are some who are inclined to cut corners. The company shouldn’t have any issues speaking with you about this information.

Holiday Coach Lines take pride in what they do; we are fully licensed, up to date inspections, proper insurance and our drivers have the best training.

What is included in the cost?

Some bus companies only give the base rate; it may not include taxes, any extras for tip for the bus driver, which is about 15 to 20% according to industry standards. To avoid any surprises on your trip, it’s best to get this information beforehand.

What audio devices will be on the bus?

Don’t assume every bus will have the latest equipment, asking ahead of time can save a lot of frustration later.

Is drinking alcohol on the bus, for those who are of legal drinking age permissible?

This may depend on the local laws on dining alcohol on a bus; the company should know the laws and be able to inform you.

Why Choose Holiday Coach Lines

Holiday Coach Lines gives you the peace of mind all your transportation needs will be taken care of, with the best comfort and value, and everyone arrives safely at their destination while having fun and making great memories! We have an extensive Fleet with 25, 47, 55 and 57 passenger buses to accommodate all your needs and we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you!

Holiday Coach Lines is here assist you with all of your group transportation needs. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote or call us at 800-270-9093.