Charter Bus & Shuttle For Senior Adventures

No matter how many people you have in your group, logistics are always a concern. Dependable transportation from Holiday Coach Lines charter buses and shuttles can optimize and simplify your travel needs. 

Senior travel is more popular than ever. As more and more seniors are taking to the highways for great adventures. 

Chartering a charter bus or shuttle has become one of the popular ways for seniors to travel. The benefits include convenience, comfort, affordable, and a fun experience makes chartering a bus the preferred way to travel. 

Here are a few things you want to make sure the bus company has before booking your trip

Accessibility options available 

Accessibility options are a necessity for those who use use walkers and wheelchairs. It is important that everyone can enjoy the trip, regardless of any movement restrictions. 

Even if there is not a direct need for this type of accessibility, let the bus company know you are a senior group, so they can keep the needs of their passengers front and center. 

The buses at Holiday Coach Lines are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, and that includes features to make boarding and exiting the coach easier.

Some of our coaches are equipped with a kneeling feature that lowers the coach for easier entry and exit by passengers, while others have a step at the entry door to provide an easy way to board and exit the coach, making your journey even more enjoyable.

Make sure the bus has a bathroom 

The biggest reason why so many people are choosing a charter bus is for their comfort, this includes having a bathroom.  For many travelers, this could be a deal breaker. 

Make sure the bus has Comfortable and adjustable seating 

No matter how far you are traveling, comfortable seats can make all the difference. Sitting in comfort, enjoying the company of your friends and the view outside, is a great start to the perfect adventure. 

The coaches at Holliday Coach Lines are equipped with all the modern amenities you need to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. From air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable, to DVD entertainment systems and free Wi-Fi to keep you entertained. Plus, USB chargers, you can keep your devices charged and ready for use, all our coaches are equipped with everything you need to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.


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