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Organizing a student trip or school field trip, can be overwhelming. Balancing educational elements with fun, all while ensuring everyone stays safe is paramount.  With Holiday Coach Lines, chartering a charter bus, motor coach, or shuttle for your students, we make planning your trip enjoyable.

Here is a helpful guide for school administrators and educators on how to plan a great educational adventure for your students. 

Begin with Education 

Every trip should start with a clear purpose. What do you want your students to gain from the experience. Are you going to an ecological reserve, science museum, or historical site? Pinpointing your objectives will help with the planning process. 

The destination you choose should align with your goals. 

Safety is Paramount 

When it comes to transportation, a charter bus, motor coach, or shuttle can get you where you need to go, but make sure you choose Holiday Coach Lines. 

We ensure all of our charter buses, motor coaches, and shuttles, undergo regular maintenance checks.

All of our divers undergo extensive background checks and training 

Our team of experienced drivers are properly and legally endorsed, and have the expertise to handle all of your transportation needs. From navigating the roads to managing the logistics of your travel, our drivers will ensure that your journey is safe, smooth, and stress-free. With years of experience, you can trust that your journey is in good hands with our professional drivers.

Prioritize Safety 

At Holiday Coach Lines, Inc., we take safety seriously. That’s why we have a dedicated service department with highly qualified mechanics who ensure that all of our buses are in top condition and ready to work. Our buses undergo regular maintenance and are required to pass quarterly Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections to ensure that they meet all safety standards.

Embrace the Journey

Holiday Coach Lines, Inc. is firmly committed to providing safe and reliable group charter transportation with friendly, courteous and professional drivers. All drivers are hand-picked professionals chosen for their extensive safety record, dependability and customer service skills.


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