Latest Trend In Florida Charter Buses & Shuttles

Charter buses and shuttles are emerging as the hottest leading trend in Florida. Holiday Coach Lines is a leading in the motor coach industry. Whether you are planning a family reunion, corporate retreat, church outing, school trip, or sporting event, chartering a bus should definitely be on the top of the list. 

Cost effective transportation 

The sheer cost savings is a very compelling reason to choose chartering a bus for all your transportation needs. When compared to individual cars, trains, and flights, chartering a bus is by far the most budget friendly. You also save money on additional costs such as vehicle rental once at your destination and parking fees. 

Bonding opportunities 

It’s not all about getting to your destination, the fun is in the journey. Charter buses allow for unique bonding opportunities. Whether you planning the big game, discussing meeting, sharing family stories, singing together, or playing games, the journey is a vital part of the experience. 

Environmentally friendly 

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, chartering a bus is the way to go. Chartering a bus will take more cars off the road, reducing the pollution level in the environment, less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will be emitted into the air.  If a group takes a couple of trips a year, it can really make a big impact. 

Why choose Holiday Coach Lines?

Where ever you decide your adventure will be the transportation you use will make a huge impact!  That’s why Holiday Coach Lines offers the best Busses and Motor Coaches for an amazing road trip imaginable.  Everyone driving themselves requires a lot of coordinating, time, energy and can get very frustrating!

The team at a Holiday Coach Lines will work with you arranging your destination so you can relax and enjoy the trip.  Our knowledgeable staff and professional drivers know all the finer nuances of travel.  Our full service charter buses are extra roomy, sanitized restrooms, reclining seats, top of the line entertainment system and courteous, friendly drivers for a memorable experience.


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