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If you’re planning a group trip this summer, the transportation you choose will have a big impact on the entire trip. You can choose from an overpriced flight with cramped seating, long security lines, cramped seating and pay for extra luggage, or you can choose an affordable charter bus with comfortable seating while taking time to appreciate the amazing panoramic views of the journey, with plenty of leg room and never any additional charges for extra luggage. 

Renting a charter bus has been increasingly popular, with over 751,000,000 trips taken just last year. It has been said 50% of a group trip experience is the transportation. If your travel experience is distressed or miserable, this usually has a negative impact the entire trip.

The Fun is in the Journey


Not only has the popularity of renting buses and chartering motor coaches grown significantly in the last few years, it has become the most economically, convenient and fun way to transport any size group of people. Traveling with a large group can get expensive, for just a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket you can sit back, relax and enjoy panoramic views all they way to your designation. Holiday Coach Lines offers transportation solutions to fit most budgets!

Able to Accommodate any Size Group

Making arrangements for a large group of people can be a nightmare. A chartered Motor Coach makes it easy, fun and convenient for everyone to stay together and have a great time while they travel.

Safe and Worry Free Environment

No need to worry about driving or vehicle maintenance. At Holiday Coach Line, you will be safe and secure with our properly endorsed professional drivers. We also have the highest U.S. safety rated buses, DOT licensed and insured buses, while having friendly and professional service.

Best of all you will impress your guest while making great memories!

Holiday Coach Lines provides a fun journey, quality, reliable and affordable services. We have an extensive Fleet with 25, 47, 55 and 57 passenger buses to accommodate all your needs and we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you!

Holiday Coach Lines is here assist you with all of your group transportation needs. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote or call us at 800-270-9093.


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