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Whether you are taking a trip across the country or just across town, the transportation you choose will make all the difference! 

Sure, you can take a plane, but with parking, checking luggage, waiting through security, and transportation once you get to your destination. Not to mention the high cost and cramp seating. 

This is why so many people are choosing to take a charter bus and shuttle service. The adventure is in the journey, no waiting in lines, waiting for luggage, uncomfortable seating, just spending time with friends and family and experiencing America. 

Family Vacations

Charter buses are perfect for family vacations. Having everyone together, maximizing time spent together in a comfortable and plush seat, and anything you need. No need to figure out logistics for many separate cars. 

Don’t worry, a charter bus is by far one of the safest ways to travel and most affordable. You also won’t have to worry about transportation once you get to your destination.

Business Trips 

Charters buses and shuttles are great for business trips, traveling for a conference, meeting, or even retreat. Having everyone together, connecting, and building teamwork.

Club, Sports, and School Trips 

If you are looking for transportation for school, sports, or club, then look no further than a charter bus. This ensures everyone stays together and can be monitored with just a few chaperones. Charter buses are also very affordable and has plenty of room for any equipment.

Holiday Coach Lines is family owned and operated with over 138 years of combined experience, we are top experts in the motorcoach and service industry. Offering clean and well maintained motorcoaches with 21, 49 and 57 reclining seats, also equipped with air conditioning, free wi-fi, USB chargers, and more.

Holiday Coach Lines, Inc. is firmly committed to providing safe and reliable group charter transportation with friendly, courteous and professional drivers. All drivers are hand-picked professionals chosen for their extensive safety record, dependability and customer service skills.

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