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When renting a Charter Bus or shuttle here in Florida, there are a few important details you need to ask. Some of these questions you should ask the charter bus company and others from the group you are traveling with. 

Will you I anything other than the quoted amount?

No. Not if the charter bus trip runs according to the specified itinerary. However, if the trip runs over the specified time, extra charges may apply.

What if I don’t need the charter bus or shuttle for the entire day?

Holiday Coach Lines can accommodate short trips. You do not have to pay for a full-day if you are not using the coach for the entire day.

How many people will be going?

A final head count is very important. It will determine what size charter bus or shuttle you will need. It may also affect the final cost. 

What size bus will you need?

Charter buses come in a variety of sizes with 21, 49 and 57 seats. So, depending on what size bus you need and how far you are going, and how long you will need the bus, will all affect the cost. 

Do you have anyone with special need on your bus trip?

If anyone in your group requires special needs, oxygen tank, wheelchair access, or other provisions, make sure the charter bus company is able to accommodate your needs. 

Plan an amazing trip and book your charter bus or shuttle

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Getting stuck in traffic or waiting at an airport isn’t much fun. Instead, charter a bus, it allows you to relax and have fun on the journey.


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